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Reforestation is a series or works by Ana Paúl created during the Covid-19 quarantine in Spain (March-May 2020). Working directly on the painful images and stories appearing in the newspapers throughout these days, the artist aimed to “reforest” them. Her interventions seek to transform the painful traces that permeate the headlines by inserting small poetic flashes. Reforestation brings us a message of hope, of trust in the future, through the serenity and permanence evoked by the concept of the forest. Her reflection through these works is a tribute to all the victims of the pandemic and an invocation of the perpetuity of memory.


During the quarantine, Paúl was confronted with the personal question of how she might use her work and its message for good. She decided that the best way to make an impact was to donate the entire collection. 100% of the profits generated by this campaign will go to Fundación Quiero Trabajo. Quiero Trabajo accompanies and prepares individuals in at-risk groups throughout their preparation for job interviews, specifically helping them to trust in and rediscover their own abilities, as many of them have lost their self confidence. It also offers a mentoring and image consultation service, exclusive to women, where they are provided with the clothes and accessories to find success in their interviews.

Fundación Quiero Trabajo

  • Forest on The New York Times
    Forest on The New York Times
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